Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Egg Party: Part One

 Aaawwwww Friends!
Lilah, Alexis, Emerson, and Grace

Getting them to stand in a row and look at the camera was nearly impossible!!

Here's Lilah and Emmy all set up for Egg Coloring and waiting for our friends to arrive. They are shouting "HAPPY EASTER" for the camera!  Notice Brodie-Boy is hanging out as always!  He loves to be apart of the action!

Here we are in full swing.  I had each station set up with paints, paint brushes, rollers, clear wax crayons, stickers, picture shrinky egg wraps, glitter, egg dipper, and egg stands with a set of egg stamps to share.  Each Mom brought their own Eggs and containers to put as many colors as they wanted.  I was worried that I wouldn't have enough cups to supply everyone and I think I was right because 5 colors x  5 set ups = 25 cups! Yes! I had my own colors and then each child did too.....I'm really just a big kid! haha  The Mom's also bought decorating goodies too.  I think the biggest hit was the Sparkly Diamante Stickers!
Here's our completed Easter Eggs that we did. (Emmy, Lilah, and Myself)  It was so crazy around here and such a mad house that I didn't get a chance to snap a photo of the other collections.  If you ladies took photo's when you got home of your eggs please email them to be and I'll update the post with them!

I had so much fun this year and the girls did too.  Emmy got into the decorating much more than Lilah did, but there was big time distractions with having friends over and they all wanted to play with each other.  I did more helping rather than decorating since it was a "party" affair, but I didn't mind because it was such a blast.  If we have another Easter Egg Party, or any Craft Party in the future I think it would be best to first allow the kids to play together for an hour so they get that out of their systems and then they'll be more willing to totally focus on the craft at hand.

I bet you are wondering what we did with all these eggs huh!?  We had an Easter Egg Hunt of course!  That was a whole other day and will be a whole other post!  I do have to show you the super cute Cake Pops that I made for our party!! Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Icing covered in White Candy Coating with Dark Chocolate Swirls on top and some sprinkles! Yummy!

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