Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

This is the first Halloween that I've got into decorating the house since the girls were born. I figure Emmy can start to appreciate it and possibly remember it later on. In the stores you can find a very small section of decoration and if you're lucky you might find pumpkins for carving. Last year our local grocery store got in 5 to sell. The price was outrageous so I passed, but this year they had a much better selection but the price was still a bit hard to swallow. $22 per pumpkin! Instead of getting one for each family member I bought one for us to carve together and really at this age I would end up carving theirs anyways so one was just fine. On Halloween Day they had the pumpkins marked down to $5 and since I've never seen a carved pumpkin sitting out on anyone porches I don't think the girls will mind next year carving their pumpkins on Halloween Day. At least this way we can afford to all have pumpkins!!

Lilah wasn't scared to give it a try, but Emmy just wanted to watch.

I don't think she was too impressed with the wet gooey feeling, hahhaa!

After a while they both jumped in to help me. Lilah more than Emmy though.

Drawing the face was more up Emmy's alley and she really liked this part!

She had a good time being silly with her pumpkin smile!

Out of all the pictures we snapped trying to get a group shot this is the best one lol. Maybe next year we'll get one with us all looking at the camera, but Emmy looks great!

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