Saturday, October 30, 2010

More kids stuff in my living room..

Miss Lilah is the proud owner of her own Barbie: The Diamond Castle Sleep Couch. She looks so funny in it because she's still so small. Originally Grandma Jan & Grandpa Kingsley got them one to share, but Lilah never really used it so when she started getting interested in using it Emmy really thought it was all hers. Most of the time all I had to do was remind Emmy and Lilah to share, but if one of them was sleepy then they really didn't care about being nice or sharing and some nasty fights could break out. Since they don't have cribs or toddler beds these really double as that and they take their day time naps on them. So it's important to them to have their own. Regularly they are $139.99 and I found this bad boy marked down to $64!! For that price there was no way I could turn it down and it was perfect luck that it was the same one as we had at home! I was a bit worried about buying one that was different and them fighting over who gets what, ya know what I mean?

Lilah was so happy, excited, and proud! You can tell the difference very easily between them because Emmy's has had a lot of wear and tear already so Lilah's always sure that she's laying or sitting in hers. Sometimes Emmy tries to pull a fast one on Lilah but she usually doesn't get away with it for long haha.

Here's the first time she's laying down in her OWN Barbie couch enjoying some milk milk.

My little cutie pie!

How cute are they :)

This was the first time she's wore her hair like this. It's very Ashley & Abby 1994! lol

Look at what I painted in my spare time *wink* j/k

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