Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lilah's gets an A in potty training!

I've been holding off on posting anymore about Lilah's potty training because it's been going great and I was superstitious that it would come to a halt once I posted, but we're full steam ahead. When Abby was still here we did a day of Potty Training Boot Camp and we got her to do the teeny tiny pee in her potty.

The other day she made her daddy very proud when she walked up to him tugging on her diaper and he asked her if she needed to go pee. She shook her head yes so he striped her down and sat her on it and she went!! I wanted so bad to get a picture of her holding her potty and looking proud but my stupid card that goes in my camera was misplaced.

So this brings me to today. Emmy did a pee in Lilah's little potty and I went and cleaned it up and brought it back and there stood Lilah looking at me like "hey... I want to have a turn" so I asked her and she said yes. Wowzers! A full pee in the potty!!!! We were all so excited and jumped around and squealed like we had completely lost out minds. Emmy was congratulating her by saying "very big girl, Lilah".... too cute! Of course after we flush it down the toilet it hits me like a ton of bricks that I should have taken pictures.... I bought a new card yesterday. Oh well.... there will be a next time I thought. I stuck them in the bath and thought I'd keep her bottom free afterward until bedtime. She had a nurse and when I put her down I asked her to go pee on the potty. She promptly went over and filled it again!!! I grabbed the camera and started snapping pictures. I got ones of her holding her potty... dumping in the toilet.... waving good-bye to her pee pee. When I went to upload them.....NO CARD IN THE CAMERA. I forgot to put it back in after uploading photo's this morning. I can't win for loosing!! Again I say....there will be a next time and I will get those Look at me mom, I did a pee pee pictures!!!

Well before I could even get this blog post finished she did pee #3 for tonight! I might be bragging just a little bit *wink wink* but I'm just so darn proud! And here are the photo's..........

Notice she's sitting on it backwards hehe

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