Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fright Night 2013 at Movie World

No real spectacular pictures here, but wanted to share them anyways...  We had free tickets to Fright Night at Movie World so we took the kiddos.  We didn't know how scary it would be for them since it's recommended for ages 14 and up, but the girls have a good understanding of what Halloween is all about and that it's fun to be scared, so compared to other Australian children their ages I figured it wouldn't freak them out to bad and I was right.... haha they had a blast!  They had all kinds of creepy "actors" walking around.  Lots of zombies and demons...  Lilah's favorites were the caged catwomen that were dancing outside of Club Blood and the female zombies.  Emmy said she was a vampire and Lilah said she was a dead girl but we went in minimum dress up since it was going to be a late night.  Out of the four haunted houses Emmy picked the Evil Dead ..... I don't watch horror movies, but I think it was based on a film?  Here's the Movie World advertisement for it.... Kim carried Emmy and I held Lilah.... we made it through with lots of screams and no tears.  At the end Emmy was pretty proud of herself and would have gone through another one, but Lilah said one was enough haha

This was in the scooby doo roller coaster... she's such a ride junkie.  She wants to ride this one over and over!

Lilah's favorite!

Eating their Jello Shot hahah

Daddy teasing her to take her big shot haha

Lilah with her blinking headband!

Emmy picked a blinking sword that I'm sure will be used for evil later on against her sister.
Lilah rocking her the blood tattoo's that Grandma Jan sent!!  I told her to show me her "dead girl" face and this is what she did lol

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