Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Fairies Live Show

awwww I bet this will be someones facebook profile picture!

Our special thing we did with Auntie Abby before she left was to go to the Live Fairies Show. This time it was in our town so getting there was drama free and so easy! You gotta love that! The girls were so excited that morning when we were getting them ready. Tights, Leotards, Dancing Shoes, Petticoats, Pretty Skirts, Fairy Wings, Dance Wraps, Some Glitter Tattoo's and Face Glitter! I told Abby it's like going to the Toddler Prom lol!

I love this picture!! You can really see their personalities in it!

Look at all the cute fairies getting as close as they can!

We were double excited for Elf the Fairy Cake Maker to be here this time!! He started the show and helped all the Fairy Dancing Girls call the Fairies to come and play!

Here's Lilah chilling on Abby's lap. She was happy as long as she was sitting on someones lap, but if we tried to get her to go dance around with the other kids she said NO WAY! I did ask Emmy to take her by the hand to go dance and Lilah was happy to go with Emmy, but the second Emmy dropped her hand she came bolting back to us hahhaha

Once we first got there Emmy couldn't run away fast enough to join in with the dancing girls. Then about 2 min's later she came back for her pom poms.

Yep...still dancing!

In this one she spots two little girls coming that have the fairies dancing skirt on... I think she liked this because she kept dancing beside them later on.

This is Lilah during the show. She was in awe and taking it all in. Towards the end she started doing some wiggling to the songs hahah

She doesn't look like a baby anymore! Overnight she's become a little girl *tear*

Here are some video's..... not anything super amazing on here, but just to give you and idea of what its like and in some of them Lilah is wiggling which is cute! They are HD so go ahead and make them full sized for your screen to see the best as it's pretty dark.


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