Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th Of July

How fun for the girls that Auntie Abby was out here for the Fourth of July! We did sparklers with the girls and Abby made her patriotic cake :)

Lilah loved the sparklers and with no fear wanted to touch them and get really close. Emmy on the other had understood that they were hot and could burn you and had to be coxed into holding one. Abby and I played showed the girls how to play with them a couple of times before lighting them and sticking them in their hands. I ended up picking up each of the girls and helping them run around because I think they were very nervous about running into the very dark backyard.

After that we were all freezing cold so we went back into the house to decorate the cake. Lots of pictures down below :) I hope you like them! Happy 4th of July! xo

What Mom and Auntie! We'll show you how to do it!

Lilah was hooked! Emmy was standing back trying to figure out what the heck was going on!

Give it to me Mom!!!!

Lilah watching Mommy light her sparkler!

Auntie Abby showing how to make circles!

Emmy didn't like the smell they were giving off and Lilah was ready to have another one!

Oh no...... a bowl of blueberries. This could be messy!

Great job Lilah! You are getting so big!

Emmy loved mushing the strawberries deep down.... so I piled more on top.... the more strawberries the better if you ask me!

Yes..... it was way yummy! And the Whipped Cream topping made the girls terribly gassy and poppie all the next day though. I think I'll have to figure out a dairy free version and alter Abby's recipe so we can make it again for Australia Day!

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