Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lilah - 16 Months

Lilah Asenith Harrison
16 Months Old

Lilah eating Mommy's homemade marshmallows!

This is a long and overdue post about Miss Lilah! In the past 6 weeks she's really gone from my baby to a toddler. She understands everything we say to her and in the past 1-2 weeks she's gone through a signing revelation! It's finally made a click in her head and she knows that it can get her what she wants. She's signing milk, more, food/eat, baby, dog, cat, bird, horse, please, all done, drink, water, cracker, yes, and no. For "yes" she shakes her whole body in a yes hahah. Cat was her first used word after mom and dad and it was also her first sign. Hanging beside the change table in their nursery are three pictures I framed made from felt. A bird, a panda, and a cat. It was this cat that she loved and we'd talk about when I was changing her and Abby was the one to show her the sign for cat and she picked it up from that minute on. This prompted us to really kick in our teaching time and obviously she was ready to learn! She's also starting to say things clearly so we can all understand. The best example of this is "thank you". It's so cute to hear her say it.

I have been extremely impressed and relived that her pain tolerance has seemed to increase. Teething time use to be excruciating for all of us with endless hours of crying no matter how much medicine, teething gel, cold rags, and ice we gave her. Right now she's teething two bottom first molars and one top first molar .....on most days you wouldn't even know it! Every now and then she'll get a little whiny and will have her hand in her mouth so I'll pull out the teething gel and that's all it takes to get her over the hump.

Her over all happiness has increase 100% along with her independence. She's not afraid of situations as much as she was before and most times she'll allow other children and people to approach her without her freaking out. She's even been letting strangers pick her up (not strangers to me, but to her) I never thought I'd see that day come lol. She loves to dance, climb, and swing and over all has become a little daredevil just like her sister, but she is a little bit accident prone. I don't think we have ever made it though a day without her bumping her head at least once and about 10 times a day is more normal. We are always saying "aawww your poor little head".

The most resent update would be the beginning of our potty training. We decided to do the Potty Training Boot Camp and within the first hour she did a teeny tiny pee in her potty. Since it's so cold right now we are limited on when we can do the diaper free time, so it's going to be relaxed and when the house gets all toasty and warm, but I think it'll be no time and she'll be using her potty like a big girl. Emmy was an broke early at 19 months, but Lilah may really blow her out of the water with this one! What can I say? I've got really brilliant children :) but if it takes her till 19 months it won't bother me in the slightest.

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