Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party

I took the girls up to the local flower shop who just happened to be celebrating it's 50th birthday on Halloween weekend. There was a jumping castle, face painters, and free balloons for the kids. The loved it of course and they got to wear their Halloween outfits. Emmy didn't have one that fit anymore, so I made her a skull dress out of an old t-shirt and used skull & cross bones satin material for the ruffles. I was aiming for a larger size 3, but I think it came out more like a big 4, but now it'll fit her for a long while. She's wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants under it because it's cold right now, but last year it was shorts and t-shirt warm. Because it's spring I think you can get a mixture of both.

She loved getting her face painted and sat perfectly still like a pro, but she's had it done now several times so she knows.

Lilah's had hers done before too but I had her sit on my lap this time because the ladies were a bit scary. We went for a quick and simple pumpkin to match her shirt!

Here's the material for the ruffle.

And here's the skull t-shirt print. This dress could even double as a pirate dress if I put red leggings under it! OoOOoo what a great idea!

Showing some pumpkin love!

It was sooo windy!!

I told Emmy to wave hi to Grandma Betsy! So this one is for you Mom xo!

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