Friday, April 13, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

The girls helped out their mom today with letting me practice painting their faces.  The mail man brought my birthday paints from my mother in law and Kim's grandmother....and those in addition to the ones my mom sent out for my birthday have me over the moon with excitement and I had to use them right away!  Here's a few pictures from today....

I was trying out my new Orange/Yellow Pearl base paint and wasn't concentrating too much on my lines.  I'm way super happy with the Pearl Base.  Thank You T.A.G. !!

This was my first time getting to use my TAG Split Cake in Regular for a butterfly and Emmy and I were both very happy with it.  She always asks me for a Rainbow Butterfly and is disappointed when it's not 100% blended just like a rainbow would be, but no more of that!  I was also trying out the 1 Stroke in "Snake" and I tried to do T.A.G.'s version of a snake.  I'm okay with how it turned out..... there always has to be a starting point, but I definitely need to improve on it and scale it way down for a face :) 
I love painting the Unicorns!  I learned it from Lisa Joy Young, if you are interested you can view her You Tube video here. I hope someday my unicorns will look as good as hers!  My jawline on this one is WAY too thick...ooooppsie!

These are the goodies I ordered with my birthday money! Thank you Jan and Grandma!

Here's the Pear Palette that my Mom sent me!  Thank you Momma!!

I still have a lot of work to do with improving on my line work and picking up speed, but I do see steady improvement each time I do a session so that keeps me encouraged to do it again!  I haven't done a birthday party yet, but I will be doing a fundraiser tomorrow for the Bowen PCYC, so perhaps I'll get some interest that way.  I haven't done anything to promote myself or get the word out there since I don't want this to turn into a part time job or anything, but a little fun pocket money won't be turned down! hahah  I figure word of mouth will be enough once the ball gets rolling.


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