Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Sunday

This is what the girls found in the morning!  EB had eaten the carrot sticks they prepared for him and he left a goodie bag of chocolates for Uncle Matt and a bag of Mini Eggs for Mom and Dad and a special letter for them!

EB always leaves the girls a letter..  As stated in the message the girls have been Diaper Free at night now for well over a month.  We started working on that intensely right before their birthday and it didn't take all that long, but that is for another post another time!


Lilah's Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny! She found it hiding behind one of the big chairs in the living room.

Emmy's Easter Basket from E.B. aka the Easter Bunny!  She found hers hiding in one of the kitchen cabinets.  Each basket had a chocolate bunny, chocolate eggs both big and small, Nerd Candies, 2 Barbie Surprise Eggs filled with a small toy, sticker, hair accessory, and a big Barbie heart shaped Egg filled with similar sorts of goodies.  They each got Sterling Silver Earrings (Emmy's where Minnie Mouse studs and Lilah's were dangle hoops with a heart shaped pink crystals from the Disney Princess Collection).  They also had mini egg shaped story books, a box of Barbie or Princess Band Aids and a Seek And Find Book in their baskets!  Not spoiled one bit. Oh and I almost forgot.....2 pairs of socks each!  Emmy's had a Bunny and Stripes and Lilah's had Kitties.

Emmy & Brodie looking through the Easter Goodies!

 I was festive and in the spirit of things with my bunny ears!

 aawww!  Lilah is looking so sweet in the dress that I made for her.  You'd never guess that there was a little devil hiding inside of her hahahha!

 It was now time for the Easter Egg Hunt!!!!  Emmy got the left side of the front yard.

 Brodie even helped Emmy find a few by running up to them and smelling them.... she thought that it was wonderful to have a little helper!

Lilah got the right side of the front yard and had no time for posing for the camera! 

She's spotted one hidden in the palm bark.  Can you see it too!?

This was Lilah's Map found in her MAGIC EGG.  You can watch the video of them following the map if it doesn't show below HERE.  Spoiler Alert: She got a portable karaoke machine.

Team Work....... Emmy helps Lilah follow her map!

Here's Emmy's Map from her MAGIC EGG!  You can watch the video of them following the map if it doesn't show below HERE.  Spoiler Alert: She got a Disney Princess Electric Guitar with Amp and Microphone.

Magic Egg Treasure Map #2

As soon as the girls got into the house they didn't waste any time and they were setting up for a performance.  They stood about 4 feet away from Uncle Matt and sang for us. I think he was a little bit surprised at their lack of inhibition. Lilah is naturally more shy than Emmy but usually she'll come out of her shell if she has the safety net of her sister beside her.  In the video below Emmy never really got going, and I wish I would have taken more video's because later on they did Katy Perry's "E.T." and she just belts out the chorus, but by this time of the day we had already had a jam packed morning with tons of pictures and video's so I was kinda over bad!  If you don't see the video below then click HERE.

The girls singing "I Need to Know" from Barbie's The Island Princess.

Several hours later after the kids had have their fill of all the Easter Bunny presents Kim and I had one more for each of them.  iPAD 2!!!  The girls will not leave our phone's alone and they beg to play the apps constantly.  So I guess you can say that these were as much of a gift to them as it was to ourselves haha.

We didn't have the Easter Bunny bring them because I wanted the girls to know they came from Mom and Dad and I knew if they got them in the morning then everything else would pale in comparison. 

Below is the last video from Easter and it's of them getting their iPADs.  I don't think at first they really knew what they were.  Had I handed them an iPHONE they probably would have peed their pants hahahha because they KNOW exactly what they are and really really wanted one of their own!  Again, if you don't see the video below then you can click HERE to see it.
Mom and Dad were sooooo excited to give this special gift!!

This is pretty much what happened for the rest of the night.  The girls took turns sitting on Uncle Matt's lap and playing apps like Barbie Fashionista, Cake Pop Maker, Barbie I Can Be, and Angry Birds.   For awhile he had both of them on his lap but I tried to keep it down to just one.  House guests always want to be polite and won't say "hey, your kid is driving me crazy" so hopefully it wasn't too bad on him.  I know the girls loved every minute of his attention and was very sad to see him go.

You are welcome to come and stay with us anytime you'd like to Matt!  I loved that we got to spend a second special event with you. ( for those of you that don't know.....Matt was able to come to our Vegas Wedding and he was the one that walked me down the isle! )

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