Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1st Day at Kindy!

Here's some photo's from Emmy's first day at school.  Lilah and I stayed and played until right after lunch time and then I took us home for some food and hopefully a nap for Lilah.  She cried and didn't want to leave her sister, but Emmy was totally fine with us leaving.  There were a few children that cried on and off for their mom's but over all everyone was pretty happy.  I was the only mom that stayed and I think that was more for me then for either of them hahhaha.  It's hard watching your baby go off to school and not getting to be the biggest part of her day.  Luckily I have Miss Lilah that doesn't want to be left out and we've been invited to come as often as we want and for as long as we want.  I decided one day a week is a good amount of time.  It's important for Lilah to become secure with everyone and everything that goes along with going to Kindy, but it's equally important for Emmy to have her independent time away from mommy.  I'm sorta getting off track about the first day so lets get back to what the kids did!

This is the teacher Miss Kerry! You can see how UNshy Emmy is!  She walked right up to be with her when we got there.

We have 12 girls and 8 boys in the class!

One of my favorite things was how dirty they let the kids get.  They also let them play with as much water as they want spraying it in the sand pit or dirt area or b

 They get to have "Morning Tea" about 30 minutes after they arrive, which this makes me so happy!  It's hard to get a 4 year old to eat up breakfast sometimes and you hate the idea of sending them when you know they'll be getting hungry soon.  All the kids are given their lunch boxes and they can choose what they want to eat and then the rest of the food carries over to lunch.  I'm not sure why more mom's don't do what I do, but I send a separate container for Morning Snack.  I figure this gives me a better idea of how hungry she was at that time and then again at lunch I have and idea of how hungry she was by what food is left.  I've seen several of the kids wolf down nearly all of there lunch in the morning and then are left with not that much for lunch...that seems sad to me.

Awww she was having such a great time at sissy's school!!

Doing puzzles while wearing dress up shoes!  So Lilah!!

Emmy playing with Matilda and Roxy.
The kids had a great time pulling out all the weeds to get their garden box ready for planting and while they were doing that they found several green wormy caterpillars that the teacher put into a bug viewing bucket.  How cute are those mini wheelbarrows!!!!

This is Emmy's Rest Time Bed.  I made this up the Sunday before she started school.  All three pieces (Pillow, bottom sheet, and top sheet) are all connected so none can be separated or lost.  The pillow has a removable insert for easy washing.  The materials are so soft and comfy and I let Emmy pick them out herself.   It rolls up and fits nicely into a drawstring bag and is stored in class.  I'm working on getting a tutorial posted on how to make them as they are quite expensive to buy for the small amount of time that that they use them each class time.  Emmy loves her bed and she knows how much time, effort, and love went into making it and she's very proud of it!!

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