Friday, February 3, 2012

Taste the Rainbow!

Emmy and Lilah love it when I make them Jello Jigglers and we hadn't made any in a long while so I thought we would. It's a quick and easy treat for the lunch box too!

Emmy asked if we could make enough to share with her classmates. Of course I couldn't resist her cute little face so we got to work right away.

Silly me, I forgot to spray the molds before pouring the jello, but didn't discover that until I was trying to release them from the molds. I broke nearly everyone!!! I quickly washed up the molds and towel dried them and sprayed them extra well to make a redo batch. They ended up not wanting to release as easy as they should have, perhaps they were damp from the washing.
In the end we had enough Jello Jigglers for each child to have 3-4 during Morning Tea and they ate every last one.

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