Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Emerson Rose's 1st Day at Kindy (Preschool)

 Awww It's Emerson Rose's first day at Kindergarten!

We had to do a special hair-do and she was very proud of it!

I found the sweetest idea online for Mother and Daughter's to share.  I wish I knew where I found it so I could link to it, if someone knows the link please message me, but here's what I did........ I made up matching bracelets and gave them to her along with reading her this poem:

Here are two bracelets,
one big and one small.
We'll be stylish and cool
for your first day of school.

I'll wear the big one
and I'll think of you.
The small one is yours
so you'll think of me, too!

Wear it at school,
while you work and while you play
to have my heart close to you
everyday you are away.

I did alter the poem from the original to make it fit perfectly to our situation.  Emmy's has a KEY and mine had the HEART LOCKET.  She was over the moon and so happy and excited that we have matching bracelets and wears it to school everyday!

I asked Lilah to stand with sissy for a picture and this is the goofy pose I got hahah!

 Here she is walking towards her new school.  Construction on the building was completed earlier this month and she is in the first class they've ever had.  Kinda special we think!

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