Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fall - Updated

I was sitting out on the swing reading a magazine while the girls played on their swing set just feet from me.  I look up and Lilah is sitting like tweedy bird on the swinging bar.  I had no idea how the heck she got up there and would have never in a million years thought that she could do that yet.  Not even Emmy had figured out how to do that.  I asked her to show me how she got up there and she did and I was floored!

She'd grab onto the handles of the swing bar and then use her legs to climb up onto the trampoline's jumping handle and then stand up...pulling the swing bar close to her and putting one leg over it and then as it made a huge swing out she'd bring through the other leg!!  I know this was the first time she has gotten up there like that because she couldn't get down.  I had a big talking with her and while I was doing that Emmy flipped upside down and hooked her legs over the bar and let go and was dangling upside down.

 I know I should let them be kids and not worry about bruises or bumps but I am worried that if she slips and falls on her neck wrong that she could have major damage and injury.  2 & 3 years old is a bit young for gymnastic tricks, or maybe this means I need to get them into gymnastic classes?  I couldn't get the bar to come down so I wrapped it tightly around and now it's too high that they can't reach it. 

Now this brings me to Lilah's knot on the side of her head and her purple/swallow ear.  With not having the swing bar to swing on she was standing on the small trampoline and grabbing onto the swing and jumping off and kinda doing a tarzan swing.  Her hands slipped and down she went.  I felt so bad.  That fall was from only 2 feet off the ground and if that looks this bad I don't even want to know what it would have been if she fell off the swing bar 5 feet off the ground!  uughhh!


 I can't believe how bad it looked for a couple days!  It's almost back to looking normal now, and just has a small bruise on the very top where the blue/purple bit was.