Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

 At 6 AM the girls woke up and could see the presents I had put out on the dresser after Daddy had fallen asleep.  They were super excited and right away started jumping on Kim.  What a way to wake up!!  They are always so rough with him.  Emmy and Lilah helped him open up his gifts and Emmy was especially proud to give Daddy the present she had picked out, the Drinking Hat.  I laughed and laughed when she spotted this thing in the store and said that this is what she wanted to get him because Daddy would love it! I'd say she knows her Daddy fairly well.  If it has to do with beer or Purdue then it's a winner! lol
After lots of hugs and kisses I gathered up the kids & Brodie so Daddy could get more sleep. After about 1 1/2 hours Emmy and Lilah headed back to the bedroom with breakfast for Daddy.  We cooked up one of his favorites, Toastie Toaster Baked Bean Sandwiches,  gross I know! hahhaa

The girls were very proud of themselves to be delivering his breakfast to him that they helped to make!  They really love their daddy!  He took it out to their little play kitchen table and sat there with them and ate it.  How cute!!