Thursday, May 12, 2011

Grandma's Betsy's Goodie Box

First to arrive was my mothers Goodie Box this Easter. You never know how long it will take items to ship so sometimes they come much earlier than planned and other times they disappear for weeks on end. I had just told the girls that morning that later in the week Grandma Betsy's Easter Box would be arriving and just an hour later the mail man was knocking and here it was! Of course they were so happy! They sat outside for the first half of unwrapping and then we came in side because the wind was just blowing too much!

Lilah was pulling stuff out as quick as she could.

Disney Princess Easter Window Clings!

Wow! Rainbow Band-aids!!

Yep, we had to stop unwrapping to put on some band-aids!

ooOoooO full of candy and goodies!

Little egg shaped bubble gum was a big hit!

Emmy loved all of her educational books and coloring books.

Lilah was so focused on getting her Chocolate Bunny on a stick open that she wouldn't take a second to smile at me for a picture!

Emmy's my silly one . Can you tell??!

Still no smiles for me Lilah??

Playing with her goodies. They also got different types of band-aids, sparkle tattoos, little easter toys, coloring books, and candies!

Happy Easter Everyone and Thank you Grandma Betsy!! xo

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