Thursday, May 12, 2011

Grandma Jan's Goodie Box

Right before Easter here came another goodie box! The girls were very excited and were anticipating its arrival.

My mom and grandparents are veterans of what I call "The Web Cam Unwrap". This was Grandma Jan's first time getting to experience a holiday from a distance and sending a goodie box via the post. If we can't be together in person then the next best thing is connecting online and lets face it... one of the best parts of gift giving is getting to see the other person receive the gift. I should note there that the girls didn't get to open Grandma Betsy's goodie box on web cam because our fast speed internet was not hooked up in our new home yet.

This is Lilah NOT holding still to show me her new bunny ears!

Emmy found Easter cards from Grandma Jan and Grandpa Kingsley and also one from Brodie our doggie! How sweet and smart of him *wink wink* They are watching Brodie for us until we get back from our family vacation coming up.

Their goodie box was full of chocolates, activity books, paper dolls, panties, and.....................

Just what we needed for our new tropical climate!!

I think this was what they had the most fun with....

What a mess!

Did my mother in law sneakingly plan this??

Just kidding!! They loved it and I don't mind a mess in the name of fun!

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