Thursday, May 12, 2011

Coloring Our Easter Eggs 2011

This year we did our Easter Egg Coloring during Lilah's nap time. Since Lilah is allergic to eggs and I was down from having and extra set of hands like I did last year (my sister Abby was here) I decided that it would just be easier to make it one of Emmy's special time things.

Look at those green hands! I can guess what color your egg is going to be!

After we got done coloring all the eggs she was very sad so we had to recolor all of them hahaha. This year we used a mixture of several different kinds. We had the traditional dyes in cups, then we had a egg stamping set that we also used a paint brush with and then we had a sparkle packet left over from a kit last year, oh ...we also used the clear crayon to write on the egg before dying.

There were some really fun techniques that I wanted to do this year, but the mess could get a bit out of control and I think we'll wait until the girls are old enough to do everything for themselves start to finish. Right now she's happy to dip the egg in a million times haha.

Here they are!

The final touch...... glitter on them!! Over the week she played with them by putting them into their basket and taking them out again. She'd take the grass and make individual nests for each egg all over the table and tell me that they were going to hatch soon and every now and then I'd hear "uh oh" and I knew that we were now down 1 more Easter Egg. LOL

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