Friday, April 29, 2011

Craft Time

Paint Brushes - CHECK

Homemade Chalk Paint - CHECK

Emmy's Boat - Wet

Emmy's Boat- Dry

Emmy's Cat

Here's most of our paintings. We also did a big "I Love Daddy" right in front of the door so Kim would see it when he got home from work. It's been 3 days since we did these and they are still just as vibrant and fresh looking. You'll notice that Lilah didn't participate in this. When she takes her naps during the day that's when Emmy and I have some special time. She usually chooses to do art and it's much easier doing the messy projects with only 1 child. Lilah's special time usually consists of quiet time activities with me such as reading books, cuddling, taking a bath together, or caring for her baby dolls.

Now onto more crafts........

The girls and I made this shortly after we moved into the new house. It's nothing pretty, but they had fun with it. Emmy was doing "The Fairies" as her show for Lilah and me.

Peeping out to make sure I'm still watching haha!

Here's the first sock puppet we made. He's a crazy Zebra. It was actually Emmy's request for me to make her a sock puppet that lead us to make the moving box puppet theater.

Here's the second one....a funky Little Girl, you can't just have ONE of anything when you have same sex children nearly the same age!

Who does this remind you of???? Totally my sister Ashley right here! If Emmy had glasses it would REALLY look like her!! There is a particular picture I have in mind that I'd love to do a side by side. I need to go through the box of old pictures and see if I have it to scan in, but if anyone knows the picture I'm thinking about and has it handy I would love it if you scanned it for me! xo

We did good old easel painting later in the day on Easter. Yay, Lilah got to participate in this mess, and a mess it was! Lilah likes to pick up her paint pots and walk around. She never stays on the paper and will trail off onto her easel everywhere ect... I've learned a good trick that makes the clean up easy. They paint with acrylic paints that I water down, 3 parts paint 1 part water, and then add a big squirt of clear dish soap. This helps to make the paint super easy to wipe up and wash off the kids.

Lilah's always got an eye on her big sister. She's checking out Emmy's "tadoes" and if she gets the opportunity to swipe a bit of her own paint onto Emmy's paper she'll do it every time. While I was taking the picture I was telling her "Lilah, only look with your eyes and don't paint on her paper."

Grandma Betsy sent these colorful peanut molding puffs quite a long while ago and I kind of forgot we had them. In the unpacking process I kept them out so we could try them asap. Emmy really loved them and this was one of our special time art sessions. Mommy made her the heart :)

This was Emmy's Caterpillar.

And this is her Flower.

All we had to do was dip the end we wanted to stick onto a wet sponge and then it would stick to the next piece. They were really fun to play with and as soon as I know that Lilah won't put them in her mouth she'll get to play with them as well.

This reminds me of Ariel while signing "Part of Your World" when she swims to the top of her cavern and she's looking up out the top hole. Okay....I had to try and find a picture of it and this is the only thing I could find of that scene from the cartoon.

I wish I could draw like this!

I tried to get Lilah to give me the same energy but she was not having it. Can you guess what she's saying to me with that look? Best caption wins a prize lol!

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