Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lilah Asenith: Who I Am

This is just a tiny bit late, so please except my apology Miss Lilah.

Everything you'll need to know about Lilah Asenith at Two Years Old!

This is her normal everyday look. Wild hair, little to no clothing, and a sticky face that I'm constantly wiping. Lilah is still my baby, she chooses to be with me 90% of her day and if she can get away with having me hold her for the majority of it then she will. She's into dress up and putting on her own shoes.

She came upstairs from the playroom dressed like this so of course I had to take a picture! It was so hot outside, but she didn't care! She still wore her ugg's anyway hahaha. The 10% of time she spends away from me is spent with her sister. She has to do EVERYTHING her sister does. If Emmy is playing with a certain type of toy, Lilah will go get a similar thing to tinker with. If Emmy is building something then Lilah will try and do it too. If Emmy is gets excited about something, Lilah is right there cheering along with her. Very cute!

She likes to pick her nose and when you tell her to stop it she'll then do it over and over and laugh at you. We are hearing her speak a lot more lately. Lots of spontaneous words will pop out and she will copy me when I ask her to, the newest word is DARK. Whenever I walk into a room at night that doesn't have a light on she yells out "dark" haha. Kim thinks she'll have the stronger Australian accent out of the two of them based on some of the words she says.

Every time I turned around I was having to pick up the magazines in the toilet and put them back into the holder. Usually it's daddy to blame, but instead of just one or two out it was every single one! I finally caught the guilty one...little Miss Lilah!!
Since this picture was taken (well over a week ago) she's not been pulling them out so much since I started making her pick them up every time I found them all a mess. She's still a monkey too! She gets in trouble at least once or twice an hour for climbing on top of the kitchen counters. She'll push a chair up and once she's up there her favorite thing to do is to play in the sink with the faucet. Obviously she loves water play and takes up to two baths a day.

The girls LOVE their new bath tub and will have really long play sessions in there! Because it's so big and they are so little I can fill it right up and they think they are swimming. Lilah's favorite is lots of bubbles and color tablets that make the water a pretty tint. Her favorite bath toys are the mermaid dolls and Barbie's Mermaid Falls, but really she loves any and all bath toys.

She still doesn't care much for TV but the little that she does watch still remains the same.... Teletubbies and Baby Signing Time although she knows alot of the theme songs to the shows that Emmy watches and will sing along with them and then goes off to do something else.

Everyday she signs "car" and asks to go to the store. I hate to admit it but I've actually made a trip out to the store because she's asked to go and when I told her that we were not going to go anywhere that day, she just looked so sad.

Lilah isn't too fussy when it comes to food and she's usually the easier of the two to convince to try something. She has 2-3 bottles/sippy cups of milk per day. Her boob obsession continues even though she's been weaned for 6 months the end of April. Every time she's on my lap during the day the first thing she does is shove her hand down my shirt and if she finds what she's looking for then she pinches while rolling her fingers back and forth. Yes, it's still an OUCH! IF she's tired or it's bedtime then she's much more aggressive about it and will persist over and over and over again as I smack away her hand each time. I am so over being the boob defender! I can't wait for this obsession/love/habit to stop!

On a positive note.... she nearly makes up for the pinching by giving awesome back scratches. She learned how to do them when her Auntie Abby was here and she scratched Mommy's back lots and lots. Anytime I'm busy with a project or on the computer she'll get behind me and start scratching and she knows she'll grab my attention that way....of course there is lots of positive reinforcement haha. For being 2 years old I'm always amazed at what a great job she does, but it's because it's filled with so much love! xo

When Kim and I were first together (something crazy like after 3 weeks) I came across this picture in a magazine of a little Native American baby and I showed it to him and said, "This is what our babies will look like." and I've kept it all this time. What do you think!?

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