Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's Cook'n

The girls have been doing a lot of pretend baking lately. I ended up giving them some of their Christmas presents early that I had made for them because they saw me making them, so it wouldn't have been to much of a surprise, haha.

Here are a few of the felt doughnuts...

and I made laminated recipe cards with a real recipe for plain cake doughnuts and I used pictures for everything so little pre-readers can understand it too! It really works too. Right after I gave it to Emmy she was telling me, "Mommy, we need 2 cups flour!"

They also got pretty little frilly aprons and lots of felt iced sugar cookies with sprinkles. The aprons were made just a bit bigger that way they'll last a few years before I need to make them new ones.

Everyone wanted to try Emmy's cookies!

How cute are those cookies!?! I love them!

Lilah is feeding her "my pal: violet" some doughnuts. Yummy!!

I asked her if she loved her doggie and she said yes and then showed me by hugging her, haha,

Sitting on the job while her doughnuts are being cooked in the microwave.

It didn't take too long before she was back to her native state: nakie!

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