Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Morning

The night before I don't think the girls went to bed until nearly 10pm!! I had all the presents wrapped and hidden in my sewing room and Kim was busy in the garage putting together the swing set. Sometime around midnight we dragged the swing set out into the yard and I wrapped silver garland along the top with a huge silver bow in the center. We were planning this to be the last surprise of the morning! Kim and I got out of bed early this year to start preparing things for the Christmas Lunch we were hosting for Kim's fathers side of the family. Next was Lilah to wake up and I kept her with me avoiding any sight into the living room and around 8:30 Emmy woke up. Sadly we don't have many pictures this year as we were video taping it and since Kim was preparing food and I only have two hands! But we did get a few.The first thing we went to check was to see if Santa ate our cookies and the girls found a special letter just for them!

I forgot to get a picture of all the presents before the kids started ripping into them..oops!

Whoa...doesn't she look way older than 2 3/4 in this picture!!

Sharing their Learning Leappad.

Lilah really surprised me this year. Her opening style is MUCH different from Emmy's. She likes to rip into them as fast as she can and do them one after another. Emmy's style is to open them, look them over completely, then open the present, and play with it for a bit before moving on to the next one. This caused problems at the end when Emmy had 4 large presents left and Lilah had none.

My Brodie Noochies with his stocking. He got two different types of treats and a new squeaky chew bone that he hasn't played with much. I think Lilah likes it the most haha.

Here's a quick view of most of the bigger presents. They got tons of little stuff and I didn't want to bore you with all that crap so it's not listed.

got Baby Star Song: My Little Pony So Soft Newborn, Ponyville: Pinkie Pies Balloon House, iDance Buzz Lightyear and iPod, and a REAL Sewing Machine Toy.

Lilah got Star Song "Style My Hair" : My little Pony, Little People Farm Yard, Little People Zoo, Learning Leappad by Leapfrog, and Baby Alive: Feel Good.

They also had some gifts that they each got the same and some of them included the Bug Catching Set, Swords (they pretend to be Barbie in Barbie and the 3 Musketeers), and Dress-up Cat Costumes made by me.

Gifts to share were the Momma Piggie with her piglets made by me, a Crocodile and Frog Game, and the Swing Set!

Around the 25% of opened gifts Lilah disappeared and I couldn't find her. I knew where to look right away.....OUTSIDE. She loves to go out in the morning though the doggie door. Sure enough, she had stumbled upon what Santa had left and was happily playing away on it! haha So Kim and I opened up the curtains and called for Emmy to come outside and see what Lilah was doing and found. We pushed them on the swings and let them try out all the different things on it before returning inside to open the rest of the presents.

Daddy got a Chili Plant Kit from Emmy and Lilah gave him a new Leather Wallet. Santa was extra good to me this year and I got a Wii. I can't wait to get the old school Mario Brothers!! Emmy has already claimed it as hers, haha, she loves the Resort Sports and Disney Princess Enchanted Journey. We need to get her the child sized control so she can have better control of the game.

A tip for new parents that may have not thought about this yet is to pre open all presents and get them out of the twisty things and the difficult packaging. Make sure if it needs batteries that it has them and that the toys are out of demo mode and turned to ON mode. No matter what it is your child immediately wants to open the box and see, feel, smell, and sometimes taste haha their new toy and if they have to wait 5-6 minutes after each toy while you fight the packaging it makes it a little frustrating for them and very frustrating for you. So do yourself a favor and go the extra mile before you wrap them....you'll be very glad you did on Christmas morning!!

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