Friday, January 14, 2011

Meeting The Fairies

Last week we took the girls to the grand opening of the Mt. Barker's new Fairies store/studio. They had the two main characters, Harmony and Rhapsody, to say hello to the kids, take a picture, and sign anything you bought or brought. We got there just in time to push our way into the door and right in front of me... only 3 feet away was the creator of The Fairies!! She gave a speech then the new owner of the store spoke. At the very end they called Harmony and Rhapsody to appear just the way they do in the TV show. It was so fun and the squeals of delight were so loud when they first "appeared"! Because we got there right before the speeches I wasn't aware that we needed to get tickets to see them. I was just about to walk through the door into the dance hall where the meet and greet was going to be set up and they were taking tickets and reading off numbers. They only had 1 room for meeting and 1 room for waiting with entertainment and then the normal seating area. Each group took about 10 min's and there were 20 people per group. When I got our ticket finally we were number 4, so I was a little disappointed with a 40 minute wait, but that quickly changed about 15 min's later when people were coming in and they had #10 and group one hadn't finished yet!

This was the main seating area where the parents sit to watch the girls on live TV from the dance class. Over all the girls did really good waiting, especially compared to some of the brats that were there!

I can't get her to smile---ever!!

While waiting and full of excitement, Emmy did some fairy dancing!

Daddy handled the wait pretty good as well.

hheheh I got her smiling while she's trying to escape because she didn't want to pose with me for a photo!

Finally we got into the "entertaining" area. They had coloring pages and pencils.

Again....Lilah's not wanting to have her picture taken so she's hiding behind daddy's leg.

Caught you!!!

I'm just as fast as you....caught you again!


I think the novelty of our game was wearing off. Just in time as well..........FINALLY it was our turn to enter into the meeting room!

Emmy was pretty shy, but that is normal for her, but she didn't hesitate when it was her turn to walk up to them. I also heard her say "Hi" to them.

All the kids were given bookmarks, and you would have thought they were made out of gold the way she loved it and guarded it until we got home.

Now it was Lilah's turn.... you can see that she had her normal sour face on. She wasn't scared to stand up there with them without me, but it looks like she wasn't too impressed either, haha. She defiantly knows who The Fairies are and requests to watch their DVD's all the time, so I was hoping she'd be a bit more excited, but I think she did enjoy herself.

All in all it was a fun family Saturday. I was very proud of the girls because they didn't ask mommy or daddy to buy anything for them. These stores are loaded with's even hard for me to not want to buy it all for them! They don't ever really throw a fit over something they want because they know I won't give in, but every where you looked kids where walking around with bags of stuff and I figured she'd want one too, but she was so proud of her bookmark! haha Before we left we grabbed the girls a "fairy box" that had popcorn, jello, and a cookie with a bottle of fairy juice. They had a good time sitting in their car seats eating their fairy treats while we drove home.....talking about it all the way there!

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