Friday, December 10, 2010

Mini Cooks: Kiddo Cooking Classes

We learned about Mini Cooks right before their last class till the new year. Emmy loves to cook so we headed over there on Tuesday morning. I was unsure how Lilah would she'd be happy with watching and just doing a little helping or if she'd want all of her own stuff. In the end she seemed very content to watch everyone, to sit on my lap, and only was naughty a few times.

Emmy minded well for her teacher Miss Fiona and did most of the steps herself with a bit of mom's help. They made Christmas Cakes! After class we stopped by Grandma & Grandpa Harrison's house to share them!

We're all ready for cooking class!

But first we need some Sister Love!

Helping Miss Fiona before class starts. She's also wearing her Little Missy Hair Bow.

When you join class you get an Apron and Chef's Hat! How cool is that!!

Here's our class. Lilah looks so teeny tiny watching the big kids!

Hardly ever smiling. That's my sour puss! She's wearing one of mommy's Aprons. If you'd like to order one for your princess please drop by Sewing By Sari and let me know!

Even though Emmy didn't attend the entire class and only came in on the last one she got to have a Christmas present too. They even handed out letters, envelops, and stickers for the kiddo's to write to Santa! For Australia, if you address your letter to Santa, North Pole post code 9999 a few weeks before Christmas your child will get a letter back!

Now she's smiling! Miss Fiona didn't forget about little sister Lilah and she got a special present too. So Kind!!

Uummm yummy! The best part of class is the treats at the end!

We're hoping to join in the New Year providing it doesn't fall on our Fairy Dancing Class times. If you are interested in joining! Go here for more info.

Thank You Miss Fiona!

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