Friday, December 10, 2010

Playgroup X-mas Party, Letters to Santa, + More!

A Zion Playgroup Christmas Party

Emmy is all ready for Playgroup. The last one before Christmas Break! She's wearing the cutie outfit I made her. In other pictures you'll be able to see the fancy pants from the back. They are my favorite part!! I fell in love with this green Christmas fabric last year, but at $21/m I didn't go near it, but I was able to get a meter of it this year at 50% off.

Here's Lilah's Christmas Dress! She's got fancy pants too, but you can't tell because I made the top so long, but I wanted it to fit for more than one Christmas and with as tiny as she is it'll probably fit her the next two Christmas's but we all know I'll end up making new ones lol.

This is Lilah's favorite thing to do at Playgroup!

Awww! Emmy loves Taylor. On the way to playgroup, while at playgroup and leaving playgroup I hear about Taylor!

Later on they went to play with the doll house! Here's also the back view of the fancy pants!

I asked Kerry to snap a picture of us three together. It's nearly impossible to get one with the kids looking or smiling and Lilah was NOT interested in sitting there, but that's what it's like and that's my moment frozen in time forever!

Here's our Santa photo for this year! I wanted to take them to the Santa's of all Santa experiences in the city to Santa's Magic Cave (I think it's called that), but we haven't gone to do that yet. (Carolyn, we're still waiting for you to pick a day! We got 2 weeks till Christmas so the pressure on! haha We can do any day during the week except Thursdays *hugs* Hopefully your studying will be over soon and we'll be able to get a day, if not, we'll save it for next year! xo)

Here's Emmy's first ever Letter To Santa!! Of course I helped her out and did a bit of couching on what items to ask for. Most things she will be getting, but there's a few she put on her self that eehhhhh we haven't bought and I don't think we will. I don't think she'll mind though...still to little yet to remember everything.

She picked the Medical Cart (I'm sure this makes Grandma Betsy proud! Especially since it was pictured with identical carts for Cleaning or Cooking!), Baby Doll, Swimming Pool, and Disney Panties on her own!

Here's the images of the girls that I used to make our yearly Christmas Ornaments. I've been doing these since they were born and plan to do it until they hate me doing it and then I'll secretly do it for a few years after that, lol! Someday they'll be happy to have all the mementos from childhood that I diligently create for them, I hope!

Lilah wouldn't let me have anymore pc time and I had to get my order in because of the sale deadline so I didn't have the time to remove her background, but at least she was in front of the Christmas tree for hers. Emmy was in front of the garage outside for her photo haha.

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