Friday, September 17, 2010

My Little Chickens

I remember this costume from years ago before I had the girls on the Martha Stewart show for quick costume ideas. I knew I wanted to make them someday and just the right opportunity presented itself last week. The theme for the last day of playgroup this term was Barnyard. I attached white boas to onesies (old stained up ones because it didn't matter) and I made a proper baby bonnet out of some white fleece I had laying around and I had my husband enlarge the pattern by 15% , then I added a red felt comb. The yellow jersey knit I already had on hand from another project and it worked perfectly for leggings. The original costume idea called for yellow dish gloves to go on the feet and legs which I think would work perfect for a baby that doesn't move much, but for children that are walking I think it's just a hazard. I could have made felt Chicken Feet that would attach around the ankle and lay over the shoe, but honestly I couldn't be fussed with small details. This was just a project I stretched out over several days doing a few minutes here and there on the machine and doing my hand stitching while watching The View & Days of Our Lives.

The kids were pretty pumped up about their costumes. They had watched me all week working on them and seeing them come together. I had fitted them once or twice so they had a good idea of what it would be like.

I like this picture....their looking for bugs like real

We had Grandma Betsy call before we left the house for playgroup so she could see just how cute they were. We all danced around the living room walking like chickens lol

Here's Emmy flapping her wings like a chicken hahha

Next minute, Emmy decided to lay down on the grass and have a little rest!

Lilah went up and laid down too, but then she decided to get up quickly, but notice how she's trying to get up with out having to have her hands touch the grass...wuss! When she stood up though there were nearly 200 black bugs all over her back feathers....I started ruffling her feathers knocking them out. Emmy didn't have one bug on her, so Lilah much have laid right down over their next/house. I don't think they were harmful at all, but nobody wants 200 of something on them.....ew!!!!

Next they each had a turn on their slide then it was time to jump in the car to head to playgroup!

This is probably Lilah's favorite thing to do when we're there. Swinging! She also really likes the big old piano they have there for the kids to bang on.

After the kids have there play time and the mom's clean up the mess it's time for a few stories and songs. Usually this is the time that the kids eat their packed lunches but today was a party day so we all went outside to have a picnic with lots of party foods! We brought strawberries dipped in white chocolate. Half of them were then dipped in sprinkles and the other half left plain. Yummy!

Here's Emmy sitting with the little girl dressed up as a Kitty having their picnic. I had a wonderful angle for the photo until the older lady sat down with her cute granddaughter....oh well! We had such a fun day. Now that it's school break time that means no playgroup until the end of October. She bugs me all the time "mommy, can we go to playgroup!?" at-least 2-3 times a week, and it's so hard to explain to them that it's not going to happen for a while.
I guess that means we'll be open for play dates the next couple weeks. :)

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