Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Jade!

Jade is 2 years old today! All of our little girls are growing up! (wow...that means in only 5 months Lilah will be 2... where has the time gone!?) The kids had a great time eating tons of candy and drinking coke. Emmy won the big prize at the end of "pass the parcel" and got to take a few swings at the fairy pinata. It was a bit sadistic telling the kids to beat the fairy!! lol Both of the girls did a great job at gathering up candy at the end. They had a jumping castle, trampoline and swing set to play on so they were completely wore out and fell asleep in the car the minute we left the drive way. Besides a few tears from Emmy getting two skinned knees and Lilah thinking I had left her when she couldn't find me they did really good. No whining, crying or temper tantrum throwing. Why can't they be that perfect always?!?!? lol I made Jade a pretty Name Applique Pillow and a Barbie DVD with 6 Barbie Movies & a Barbie coloring pack. Happy Birthday cutie pie!

This picture is so funny. Notice how all the guys have lined up their chairs as far away from the women as they could get + the dog!!!!

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