Monday, August 2, 2010

No Nut Allergies!

We took Lilah the other week to meet with her Allergen Specialist that we have been waiting 6 months to see. Emmy spent the day with Auntie Lia because the appointment was suppose to last a long time and it was in the city so I really needed to have only one child to concentrate on and to really make the most of our doctor visit.

The doctor laid out a check list in front of us and told us to tick off each thing we'd like to have her tested for. We picked all the nuts, shell fish, tuna, and egg. She took us into another room and pulled out all these little bottles that looked like essential oils and started numbering Lilah's back with a marker and dropping drops of oil on her. Next she pulled out a pile of needles that looked like diabetic blood testing needles and I was so worried of how Lilah was going to handle being pricked all over her back 15 times! After the first one I realized I had nothing to worry about because the needle was so fine that she didn't even feel it. She just sat on my lap and let the doctor do her thing....great! We then waited 15 minutes to read the results. I was so happy when all the nuts were read as NEGATIVE results!!! Meaning NO NUT ALLERGIES!! Egg tested positive but she doesn't have an anaphalactic response to egg so we need to keep her from having it but if by chance she does have some then we need to take immediate action but it's not life threatening. Such good news!

Lia brought Emmy home later on that day and she had such a busy day playing with her cousins they were all asleep by the time they made it to Gawler. Check them out.....

Sleeping in order of age too! Bethany 3 1/2, Emmy 2 1/2, and Jade 23 months.

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