Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Two Year Summary

Emmy Rose you are now 2 years old! I am amazed that this much time has gone by and all the things you can do! You can repeat anything and everything you hear....even the things that you shouldn't repeat! You surprised me about 5 weeks ago with counting to 10 all by yourself. Now that we've been watching Signing Time Counting you can also sign 1-10 as well as saying them out loud. You are in the fast lane with your signing now that you have the complete set of Signing Time and have taken a liking to the DVD that's about Colors.

Your favorite foods to eat are banana (you could live on them alone I think!) grapes, tomatoes, and corn on the cob. Old favorites like broccoli, pasta, french fries and peas are still strong players in your diet. You still hate anything soft and won't have anything to do with yogurt, applesauce or avocados. You still have your binky and use a bottle. I tried several months ago to take the binky away from you and after a 1 1/2 weeks I decided to give it back to you because I felt that it was doing you great mental stress to not have it and the last thing I want to do is damage your innocence! So for now it's here for nap time and bedtime. You should be proud of yourself. You have been potty trained for 4 months now. We still put a diaper on you at bedtime, but more than once you have gotten out of bed at night to use the potty then you come straight back to bed. You are such a smart girl!

Most times you love your little sister and will hug and kiss her lots. Any time you get something like food/stickers/treat you will instantly ask for a second one and run over and give it to Lilah. Very sweet, but sometimes it's something Lilah shouldn't have so then I have to go be the bad cop and take it away. boo!

Most days you still take an afternoon nap anytime between 1pm-4pm and your bedtime is around 9pm but it's really when you drop. You still sleep in bed with mom and dad and you're our little cuddle bug. To go to sleep you really like to play with mom's hair and will go crazy trying to get my ponytail pulled out so you have full access to all of it!

You are teething your 2 year molars right now and during the day you are such a trooper and usually don't complain of any pain. At night you wake up in pain and ask to be rocked or will ask for milk. I'll get up and rub some teething gel into your gums (you will open up wide and let me do it because you know it helps) then I'll give you some pain medicine and most times we'll rock while you have some milk before we go back to bed.

You love to dance! You are still in your fairy dance class. You also love to sing. There isn't a day that goes by without you turning on your microphone and belting out some songs. Maybe you'll be a performer! You are also a fan of your birthday suit. You are happiest in the buff and will never keep your clothes on. I don't worry at all because there will come a time in life when you will have to wear clothes so you might as well enjoying it while you can hahhaha.

Your naughty side comes out when you get bored. I often find on days that we are not doing projects is when you are getting into things you KNOW you are not suppose to. Things we do as projects include painting, painting rocks, coloring, play-doh, or cooking things.

Your list of names for people are or things you say

Mom: Mommy
Dad: Daddy
Grandma: pawpaw (I don't really understand why you call both your grandma and grandpa the same name of pawpaw...but you do!)
Grandpa: pawpaw
Lilah: Yayia (but we all easily can tell you are saying Lilah)
Brodie: Bodie
Shut Up: Sup Up (She says "sup up bodie" alot because she hears me yell it at him when he's barking like a freak outside)
Abby: Abby (you say this amazingly clear and will scream it when Abby comes through the door!)
You say "Oh, sorry mommy" if you bump me or step on me, too cute!
If Lilah is crying you'll say "I'm coming!! Yayia" I really like this one!
If you hand me something and I say 'thank you' you will respond with "You're Welcome" and a FULL bow to the ground. hahhaa I think you must have picked this up from one of your Barbie cartoons.
"poo stink" is what you says if you smell a poopy diaper of Lilah's or if someone farts.
If you are playing with some toys and mommy or daddy comes near you then you will say "sit down, sit down!!" wanting us to sit down and play... and most times we do!
You love to play outside or swim so we hear you say "outside? outside?" or "swim, swim!!" alot!!

Your favorite toys are your signing time flash cards and pointing to word books. Your baby dolls and set up including kitchen. You have kind of gone off your barbie dolls, but still play with them from time to time.

Your favorite shows right now that you are currently asking for over and over are the My Little Pony movies. You really like anything Barbie, The Fairies, Signing Time, or Disney.

You are 85 cm tall and weigh 11 kg. You have a petite and slender frame and in general you are light on your foot.

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