Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The One Year Summary

WOW!! Can you believe you are a year old already!? You are still such a little baby in my eyes. You amaze me all the time with doing "big girl" things and I get so excited but then I realize that "duh!!! you're growing up"!! You love to help me when I'm picking things up or putting things away such as putting the blocks back into the tub or picking up the q-tips you love to dump out.

Your favorite foods include grapes, tomatoes, pasta, and avocados. You don't have any strong food dislikes and nothing comes to mind while I'm writing this. You are a very good eater and will usually eat whatever is put in front of you and will at least try everything. It makes me so proud that you love avocados (1. because the are so healthy and 2. because I've tried so hard to get your sister to eat them for YEARS now and she still hates them!) You are still a boobie baby and don't care about it too much during the day, but it's a must have at night. You sleep curled up to me at night and often I wake up to you helping yourself to a late night snack. As of right now I'm happy to feed you until 2 years of age or if you want to stop before then that's okay too. Daddy and I went away for a 3 day 2 night getaway to the Flinders Ranges and you really did a good job of excepting the bottle for your grandma Jan and Auntie Abby. When I got home on Sunday afternoon you were happy to be rocked and drink your own bottle. I thought that I might go ahead and ween you since you had already been through the hard part, but I was so sad. I was crying and a total mess. All I could think about was the last time I fed you and how I didn't know it was going to be THE LAST TIME. Obviously I wasn't ready and after 6 hours of you being a bottle baby I whipped out the boob at bedtime and you were very happy to except it. We spent all week long with you getting very upset early early morning because my supply had slowed down ALOT and the milk you were use to having was not there. Everything's back to normal now and we're a happy team.

You wake us up in the morning with kisses, and do whatever you can to crawl over me or your dad to get to your sister. You want her to wake up and play with you too! You can get really jealous of her and want to do what she's doing or have what she's having. You amazed me the other day by pushing the small child size chair over to the TV Stand and then you climbed up the chair, stood on it, and started playing with all the DVD's that are off limits. You totally can stand on your own but you choose to not do it and you will only walk when holding onto something like a walking toy or a doll stroller. When you are walking with these items you are very very fast. Any day I think you'll just stand up and go and that will be that!

You usually take 2 naps a day. If I'm lucky you'll take a big late morning to afternoon nap that can be anywhere from 30 min to 2 hrs. Then you'll take a cat nap around 5 pm, and then go to bed at 8:30 or 9. You start to get tired long before then, but it doesn't matter what I do.....you will NOT go to sleep.

The past few days you are teething your fourth top tooth and with the amount of crying, whinging and carrying on that you are doing I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't another tooth on the bottom coming up. It's hard for me to tell because I'm not to good at it. I think I can feel something coming up on the bottom, but only time will tell for sure. I load you up on pain killers and teething gel and sooth you the best I can with ice, frozen rags, or teething toys. None of these things seem to make much of a difference and you cry and cry and cry. I took you too the doctor today to make sure you didn't have any other signs of infection that I might have missed and to check your ears for inflammation, but you came back with a squeaky clean bill of health!

You know when your sisters shows come on and you'll start dancing to the opening songs or when Emmy is singing you dance along. Sometimes you get on the mic yourself and give it a good try. Lots of "nana's and dada's" is what you say into it.

Your List Of Words:

Mom: Mom
Dad: Dada
Nana (You'll say this and I'll give you a banana trying to make an association.... not sure yet if there is one! hahah)
I've heard you imitate lots of things like "I Love You: "Thank You" "Bye Bye" "Hello"

Your favorite toys are anything your sister is playing with. You really like your bath toys and will often fight over one particular shell shaped cup in the bath tub with your sister. You love to hug baby dolls or stuffed animals and totally love it when someone sits down to play with you.

You have NO interest in TV yet and I totally don't get that one. It makes teaching you sign language a bit difficult because I'm not as disciplined as I should be when it comes to signing to you on a regular basis!!

You are 72 cm and 9kg (both of these are guesses based off of your last measure and weigh) I will put in PROPER numbers hopefully this week when I take both you girls in for a check up with the nurse. You are such a tiny little thing when I look at you. You're not scroungy at all, just sweet and petite!

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