Thursday, March 18, 2010

Play-Doh Fun

We had a fun play doh day with Auntie Abby! This is one of Emmy's passions .... PLAY DOH!! She's not picky... some homemade dough with a butter knife and she's happy as can be, but being a huge play doh fan myself we have all the cool toys! Here we are making ice cream and free hand art work. I have given Auntie Abby a mission for when she goes home to look far and wide for my old play doh molds for making babies. I'm pretty sure it'll be laying around somewhere upstairs at Grandpa Pete's house. Lets cross our fingers!!

Smile girls :)

Emmy checking out the play doh girl I made.

Lilah eating play doh.. yummmy!

Not too much Lilah and you'll be able to play with the big girl toys too!

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