Tuesday, March 16, 2010

swimming / fun fun fun / party ending

We had so much fun this year and everything went as planned. We didn't get to play some of the games I had planned, but I don't think the kids missed them one bit. There was so much to do and the pinata, they really liked that, and then we did 100 water balloon fight that even all the adults got into too!!! Next year I think we'll have to have 200 water balloons.....it went much too fast! I felt so sad as people started leaving. I know it had been a long day, but I just didn't want it to end. I did my best to get around and talk with everyone, but I would have really enjoyed sitting down more and talking with everyone, aahhh but that is the curse of the host! haha I hope Auntie Sherry & Robin will except a big thank you from me with help in the kitchen and keeping things cleaned up as we went along! That's half the battle in throwing such a large party! Thanks ladies!!

Daddy all worn-out!! He crashed after this for a long 3 hour nap and left me with the mopping! I know I know....woman's work!

Here's a very tired Birthday girl drinking her milk before she goes to crash with her daddy for a nap!

Here's some of the kids swimming before the party ended!

Emmy and Lilah playing outside after the pinata broke. Emmy loves her bubbles!

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