Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Panda Pinata

It took my sister, Abby, and myself the better part of 5-6 weeks working on and off to complete this panda pinata!

Here he is!!! He's all finished and ready to be whacked!!

Emmy & Mommy gave it a good go!

Yay!! Right through the eye!!!

Mitchel delivered the opening blow! This is the most awesome picture ever!!! NOT one bit of photo editing has be done to it. Renee caught it at just the right moments!!!

I also need to thank Renee for taking my camera and walking around taking dozens and dozens of photographs for me!! I was so busy making sure everything stayed flowing that I had no time to take any myself and it was such a relief knowing that someone was taking great care with a very important part of the party for me!!!

Here's the kids picking up their candy and prizes!! The panda was filled with $40 of candy, small toys, and girlie accessories like rings and necklaces. (sorry boys!)

After the beating some of the big kids had fun with him too! lol
It's a great look for you Abby!!!

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