Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Potty Training Update

I haven't had to change a dirty diaper for Emmy in over 2 months now! I don't miss those stinky things! She wears a diaper to bed at night and in the morning we take it off straight away. Half the time she's peed in it and the other half of the time it's dry. She also went diaper free at nap time for a month straight without peeing and in one week we had 3 nap time mistakes, so we're back to putting one on her after she falls asleep. I'd love to know how much money we've saved on diapers already. I have also been lazy when it comes to outings. If we're going to be out for long stretches then I have been putting her in a diaper rather than trying to get her to pee in public toilets or finding a spot to set up her training potty. The laziness needs to stop so we are now going to concentrate on public peeing haha that sounds funny.

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