Friday, January 8, 2010

Out and about today...

Emmy has made me so proud today! We took the girls to the park this morning and then went shopping for a couple of hours. I brought her potty along and thought we'd give it a try without a diaper on. (Usual for short trips I don't put one on her, but for trips that are over an hour I do) She used her potty in the parking lot when asked to before we went into the shops and I was surprised how 'down to business' she was about it, haha . Later on about an hour into shopping she told us that she had to pee and was doing a funny dance in her stroller. I grabbed her up and headed for the bathrooms...praying that I'd get her there in time before she peed on me! As soon as I sat her down she opened the flood gates. Success!! On our way home.... about an hour after that she told me that she needed to go. Because I don't know how long she can hold on from the time she tells me she needs to go till she would truly pee her pants I thought it was best to stop and pull out her potty even though we were about 4 min's from home. Third time around.... she sat down and did her business straight away. I could not be any more proud of her!

We are officially done with diapers during the day!! I've been working on our night time routine as well. She doesn't like to cooperate with me when she's tired and gets upset if I ask her to go pee, but since I've been more consistent the past few nights with asking her to do it and doing it a tiny bit earlier instead of waiting until she's super tired has worked well. We're one step closer! I'll be switching Lilah over to cloth diapers real soon and then in 5 months we'll do a "potty training boot camp" weekend with her and next year at this time I should be diaper free except for Lilah's over night diaper. Man.... does that sound good!

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