Friday, January 22, 2010

Egg & Nuts

On Tuesday I took Lilah to the doctors office for the results of her blood test. It came back that she has a moderate to severe allergy to both eggs and nuts. Most of you know that I want to raise the children vegetarian/vegan so it's not been too much of a problem with them being lactose intolerant and staying away from egg if we have to, but it's a little scary now that it's gone from something I choose to not feed them to something that can seriously harm her if she eats it. Also nuts are a great way for vegetarians to get protein so that's a little disheartening to know that she may not ever have that protein source as an option. From all the reading I have done it seems like she'll eventually grow out of the egg allergy, and I'm so happy about that as then she can have that as a source of protein. Our doctor said that we shouldn't carry an epi pin right now because she's so little that the pin can be more harmful that helpful if she truly didn't need it and we had given it to her. He says it's best to call an ambulance and let them administer one. I think it's wise to get a second opinion so next week I think I'll book her into a different clinic and see what they say about it. She was given a prescription of the antihistamine Redipred and that can be given to her at the first signs of a reaction or given before a trip on an airplane in case the peanut dust effects her any.

When I really stop and think about it I can't believe how lucky I was when I was little to never have to worry about things like this. I'll be able to do all the worrying for her and make sure all the things in the house are safe, but you never know what can accidentally happen outside of the house. We just have to be prepared to act fast and not panic.

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