Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australia Day 2010 (Part One)

We took Auntie Abby to the Whispering Wall. It's a really neat spot that's about 15 min drive from our house. It's a huge damn that has some pretty awesome acoustics! If you stand on one side of it and someone else walks across it to the other side you can whisper to each other and the sound travels so well across it that you hear it as if you are standing right beside the person. WAY COOL!

Wow! A picture with all four of us in it! We don't have too many of these!
Abby at the Whispering Wall sign.

Here's where to whisper :)

Stepping down to there side of the dam.

They are way over there, but we hear them loud and clear :)

Abby and Emmy coming to join us! One one side the water is right up to the bridge and on the other side it's about a 500 foot drop....scary!

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