Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australia Day 2010 (Part Two)

Don't I look sooo sweet! Mom made me a matching hair clip for my outfit. Too cute!!

Say "cheese" The girls are all ready to celebrate Australia Day!!

After the Whispering Wall we took the girls to Lyndoch where there was a shady park to play at and have a picnic. Grandma Jan and Pap Paw Kingsley met us there for some R&R.

Hiya Everybody!

I love this picture of her. She was squealing at the top of her lungs and this tunnel made it boom out so loud....ear pinching, but she loved it!

Swinging with Auntie Abby!

Hang on Emmy!! Grandpa was pushing her in the other swing and she nearly flipped out..eeekk... it's easy to do. Kim and Abby both have nearly flung her out of swings too. Maybe she'll go into gymnastics hahah

Lilah was giving us super big smiles and loved taking big swings!

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