Thursday, November 19, 2009

Santa's Coming to Town!

Lilah's first Santa visit! I was totally expecting her to get freaked out by him, but to my surprise it was the scary camera guy that did her in. hahaha He was trying to get the girls to laugh and smile and was making really scary noises. I could see it was heading south and I tried to help and starting singing Patty Cake, which always makes her smile, and he got louder than me with his scary noises as if to tell me he knew what he was doing. I felt like punching him, lol, she wanted to hear patty cake mr. rude dude!! You can see by the picture that she was not buying his routine.

Emmy played the shy card. This surprised me too! I figured she'd cry. Santa talked with her lots and warmed her up before we tried getting her to sit on his lap. They talked about Barbie's and Toy Story. She kept pulling up the sleeve of her dress to hide her face and at one point got down and ran back to the stroller....climbed in and tried to buckle herself in hahha.

In the end we got the picture after two different shoots. Santa pictures are meant to be laughed at years later and I don't think this one will fail. I love Emmy's funny smile and Lilah's petrified look.

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