Monday, November 23, 2009

The Binky Fairy

I was so sick of picking up Binkies all day long! Emmy would throw them everywhere and she knew where I kept the mother load in the kitchen drawer and rather than finding the one she had before she'd just go and get a new one. She also got tired of going to the drawer for just one and decided that she'd start the day off by bringing out the container that held them all and then she'd have her pick from all of them all day long. Ridiculous I know lol!!!

We have talked lots over the past few months of how the time will come when we will give our Binkies to the Fairies to take away to all the other new babies. So the other day we made a little craft out of stringing them up and hanging them outside for the fairies and said goodbye to them. She was allowed to keep one because I thought it was too cruel to just take them all away and she likes one at bedtime.

She was not bothered in the least to leave them outside as we came into the house. She went to the window once or twice that night to peak and see if they were still there or maybe she was hoping to see a fairy :)

The next morning I reminded her about the fairies coming and she went to the door to check it out and saw a pretty pink package that the fairies had left her!!

We read her the note :) and then brought her package into the house. She took it straight to her daddy and he helped her unwrap it and surprise! It's The Little Mermaid!

She's not gone to the drawer in the kitchen looking for a binky since we gave them away and I'm so happy. I was a little scared that she'd forget and be upset, but she remembers! This has also helped her to keep very good track of her now very precious single pink binky! If she looses it then that's it.... it's gone and I've talked to her about that, but if she still has it by the time her second birthday comes around then we'll have to do another donation to the Binky Fairy! hahaha

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