Friday, November 13, 2009

Over Due Update

The coloring is a little funny on their photo's. They were swimming this past Sunday at Grandma Jan & Grandpa Kingsley's house under the shade cloth... Lilah looks green and Emmy looks orange. Oh well....

Crawling is just around the corner. I feel it can happen at any minute now or could still be up to two weeks away. She's able to move across the room now but not with a method of intention, it's more of a stringing together a bunch of small goals. Does that make sense? She'll try to get something slightly out of reach and she'll do a sitting spinning turn and reach, get it, then set her sights on something else. She'll also try to get up on all fours and get so made that she can't just GO.

Last night I tried giving her a bottle of water instead of the boob just to see if she wanted a drink in the night when she wakes rather than a feed. Boy did I make her mad! So I figured okay this time you wanted to eat...maybe next time, nope, just made her so made again. haha

Potty training! Boy has that been going well. She does her business most times without being asked to and then she'll collect her potty and carry it to the bathroom and dump it and flush it. I go behind her and give it a good rinse and put it back in the living room. She has begun to pee on command and will do it before we are leaving the house and will stay dry on outings, bit of we are going on a long drive I will put on a cloth diaper as protection but generally don't need to as it will be dry on arrival and removel. We also put on a cloth diaper for her nap time after she's fallen asleep and will take it off as soon as she wakes up. Half the time it's dry still and the other half she's gone in it. That being said we definitely keep her in a diaper for night too. 90% of the time she's done a pee in her diaper by morning, but we do get the odd morning where she's dry and we love that! We're following the Fellom Method of potty training and you can find additional information about it here. After 90 days of what we call "naked butt" then we will start putting panties on her. I should add a count down ticker to our 90th day!! I think I know a little girl that will be needing lots of panties for her 2nd birthday!!

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