Sunday, November 1, 2009

8 months old: Lilah Asenith

8 Months old! That is crazy! She has stopped sucking on her fingers in the later part of her 6th month and that has yet to make a reappearance so I think she's done for good.

She's also stopped sleeping on her belly and is a total back sleeper now. Occasionally she'll sleep on her tummy but it's ultra rare.

With in the past two weeks her solid food intake has taking off like crazy and she loves handfuls of fresh fruit and steamed veggies. Some of her favorites is broccoli, peaches, watermelon, zucchini, and new favorite asparagus. She also likes peas with corn & rice noodles.

She weights 17lbs 6 oz or 7.89 kg and her measurement was 69 cm but I think I did that wrong so I'll have to do a double check on that one.

She sat up like a big girl in the shopping cart the other day for the fist time and she totally loved it!! She was giggling and kicking her feet the whole time!

She's also turned around now in the car. She hates to ride in the car and will usually scream the entire time so I thought turning her around and letting her watch the TV would be helpful. I'd say it's reduced the crying by 10% not a big enough amount to me. With my mom's visit over with we will not be riding around in the car as much so hopefully that'll help her.

She can completely sit up on her own now and has been for about 2 weeks. She can even sit up in the bath tub and play with her sister. She only lost her balance twice during her bath tonight but I think that's excellent because the bathtub is slick and I had washed up her buns so they were soapy.

I think her top tooth will be coming through soon as she's been a little extra cranky the past few days.

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