Monday, November 2, 2009

One Pee, Two Pee, Three Pee, FOUR!

We've just spent the last hour doing the potty dance! I was putting away baby clothes in the nursery when I realized that Emmy needed to pee so I sat her on her potty and asked her to go and she did! I'm sure it was because she just couldn't hold it anymore, but who knows... she is a pretty smart little cookie! I made the biggest deal that I could out of it and we paraded to the kitchen to get some candy and flushed it away. With in 5 mins she did another pee in her potty, carried it to the toilet and dumped it, flushed it, and then looked at me and asked for some candy. LOL So far she's done at least 12 pees.... I've lost count. She sits down and turns it on, and as soon as some squirts out she shuts it off as she jumps up and says PEE PEE and claps her hands and starts jumping. Too cute. I am so happy and I think this is some serious progress and finally some payoff for my efforts! For the record books she is 20 months & 4 days old. I can't wait for the "She's fully potty trained" post. Hopefully it won't be too much longer!!

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