Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Melbourne Trip Day 2

Shopping at the Queen Victoria Market

Both snug and snoozing away!

buurrr it was cold out!

Friday we went to the Queen Victoria Market and had such a great time. It was freezing cold, but we dressed warm and snuggled both the kids to us so everyone was warm and happy. There is nothing better than wearing your babies in my opinion :) we just love it!! The girls slept most of the time and we didn't really hear a peep out of them. I found so many cute and fun things. I finished up some christmas shopping too... what a bonus! Here's a little bit about the market:

The Queen Victoria Market, said to be the southern hemisphere’s largest open-air market offering a variety of fresh farm produce and, on Sundays, a wider range of merchant items which turn the market into a modern Arabian Nights bazaar.

The Queen Victoria Market is an historic Melbourne landmark and a Melbourne institution dating back to more than 120 years ago. To learn more about it go to this website.

Next we went to the US Consultant (the whole reason for this trip) to get the girls American Citizenship worked out and to obtain US Passports for each of them. Kim did a super good job booking our hotel close to it and it ended up being just across the street. I was expecting a beautiful building with flags flying high, but what we got was more of a "men in black" type of building... very sleek, modern, and professional looking. We went in and to the back where we had to get buzzed in to reach security. They wouldn't let mom go beyond security because she wasn't on "the list" so we sent her back to the hotel. They took everything off of us...diapers, wipes, snacks, toys. The only thing we could take with us was the kids and one bottle of milk for Emmy. Once we got upstairs they had a second security area and they told us that they would have to hold the milk and if we needed it then we'd need to go out to that location to give it to her. Geezz!!! Now we could go into the waiting room that was divided into two areas. One for US Passport holders and one for none US Passport holders. We were number 503 but the room was empty so we had to be the next ones haha. We waited about 5 mins then over a loud speak it said "Number 503 Please step into room 6" The room was a tiny 4x4 foot room where you stood up to what looked like a bank teller window with just the tiniest slit to pass through paperwork. She asked us questions and took our paperwork and added some of her own. Next she took our paper work to a person she called "the officer" we went back to the waiting room and after another 5-10 minutes we were called back in to swear to everything on the paper work was correct and honest. In 2-3 weeks we'll get the girl's passports. How exciting!

We celebrated by taking the girls down to the hot tub. Lilah absolutely loved it and kicked like a little frog the whole time. She is such a water baby :)

Later that night Kim and I went out to eat while my mom watched the girls at the hotel. Emmy was happy and Lilah had just passed out after have a really big feed so I was confident she'd stay asleep while we were gone. Kim found a great mexican restaurant called Taco Bills. This place was amazing and I recommend anyone visiting Melbourne to drop in and have a bite.... so yummy!! Anyways... once we got back about 2 hours later the girls were both peacefully sleeping and I asked how it went. About 20 minutes after we left Lilah woke up and screamed her head off the whole time. Mom said she was waiting for someone to come beating on the hotel door about the screaming baby. Poor mom! She said she bounced, danced, sang, and bathed her and she hated all of it. She eventually passed out from exhaustion. I felt so bad for the both of them and would have never left if I had thought this would have happened. Despite mom's tough time we had a great date.

Emmy showing off her new Russian Doll set.

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