Thursday, October 8, 2009

Melbourne Trip Day 3

Aquarium day! I was so super excited to take the girls to the Melbourne Aquarium. I hoped that Emmy would be amazed and greatly amused with the fish. At times she was, but she was equally disgruntle and not agreeable about anything. Aside from her throwing her fit in a restaurant one time this has to be one of her biggest melt downs. There was full on screaming and body throwing on the floor.

Normally I would have been mortified but we had a long day planned so there was no point in worrying about it because the worse might have been yet to come, lol! Good for us it got better as the day went on. Grandma bought her some popcorn (one of her favorite junk foods) and she sat in the rented stroller and ate that happily while looking at the fish.

Of course the nice picture I get of Kim and he's not in front of some cool fish :(

She would sign fish when she saw the penguins swimming and we'd tell her no it's a bird that swims and then she's sign bird. Really I think she thought we were wrong.

This fish cracks me up! Click on the picture to make it larger. He totally reminds me of a stuck up frenchmen hahahhahahhaha

This is pretty much how Lilah and I looked the entire trip!

From one fish to another :)

Smile Grandma

After the aquarium we hopped the free trolley car and road down towards China Town for some shopping. I found a few Korean gems for their next birthdays and am very happy about that! We spent several hours walking all around and then realized we were not to far away from the car so we just decided to finish walking the rest of the way. The girls were such angels and didn't make a peep the entire time we were shopping and sight seeing. I think now that Emmy would have been able to enjoy the aquarium much more had she been slinged but I thought the freedom to run around would be have fun for her, but I guess not. It's been a long while since my feet hurt like that and the hot tub was sounding sooo good! We dropped by a super yummy Italian restaurant for dinner then back to the hotel for some relaxing and soaking!being silly on the trolley

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