Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tonsillitis - Guilt - Happy Ending

I took Lilah to the doctor on Tuesday for some discoloration on her foot which will be a whole separate post later. So she and Emmy had caught a runny nose and sinus headache two weeks ago today but it was on the mend (at this point it had been just over a week and I am always told that viruses take 14 days to run their course). I told the doctor that she had been crying and crying the day before and my husband thought her ears were bothering her. He looked her over really well and came back with Tonsillitis! Man do I feel like the worst mom in the world!! I was able to hold back the tears until I got home and then I totally lost it. I felt SO SO guilty!! I didn't know why she was waking up lots during the night and crying tons and the whole time her poor little throat must have hurt so bad!! We had given her some pain medicine, but I didn't think it was helping so I didn't give it to her every four hours. At one point on Monday I had tried everything and she wouldn't settle so I laid her down for about 15 min and let her cry which was terrible in itself but to now know what was really going on just breaks my heart!

My poor little sick girl.

I had no idea that you could have tonsillitis and not run a fever. I also expected Lilah's symptoms to be less since she's a breast baby and since Emmy was doing really well I didn't put too much to the sickness. I'm very thankful I took her to the doctor for the unrelated problem. If I hadn't then she might still be suffering or her condition getting worse.

As soon as I got home I gave her medicine, fed her well and then gave her some of another kind of medicine so she got a good amount of pain relief. I could immediately tell when the medicines kicked in and she was feeling better. She also slept that night with only getting up once for a feed and a dose of meds.

I'm happy to report that she is feeling good now and is 99% better. Here's a little video I took the other night at bedtime. Emmy is mothering her like a little hen *smiles*

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