Friday, August 28, 2009

Officially 18 & 6 Months Old

Wow! Emmy is now 1 1/2 and Lilah 6 months. How can it be that this much time has passed!?

Emmy is saying a new word nearly everyday by imitation. She hasn't said a naughty word yet, but I'm sure it's not far away since she's her fathers daughter! Her climbing habits are still strong but she's been doing it less because it's something she's conquered, but if she gets the chance she'll climb into the kitchen sink and many times I've found her in the bathroom sink. She's so fast too! I'll be changing Lilah's diaper and I'll hear Emmy go running down the hall, bash the bathroom door open (with enough force she's learned that it WILL open) so I head down to grab her and she's already in the sink!

Her pretend play has really improved in the past few weeks. She has one Barbie and one Bratz doll and she's so gentle with them. She'll brush their hair and pretend walk them on the floor. I would have never given her a Barbie to play with at this age, but she got her hands on one and really liked it so the rest is history. Needless to say.... I bet Santa will be bringing some Bratz & Barbies this Christmas!

She's very much a girlie girl. She loves dress up, babies, purses, and my make up. We paint our toe nails together and she got her finger nails painted for the first time the other day. You can tell how proud she is of them because you will catch her just looking at them and wiggling them around! Too cute! She likes necklaces and bracelets, but often brakes them by accident.

She has alot of empathy for her sister. Lets say Lilah grabs something and knocks something down and makes a loud noise or a mess and I'll say "Oh Lilah.. what a mess!" Emmy will get upset because she thinks I'm upset and it's Lilahs fault. She'll get this horrible look on her face and start to cry and will run over and hug Lilah. Of course I'm not mad in the least bit and it takes me by surprise when she has this reaction and I feel bad that I must have said it too loudly. I then reassure her that it's okay and mommy's not mad and that accidents happen. I need to be more mindful of my tone and loudness since they are so much more sensitive to it than us jaded adults.

The look on her face says it all!!


Lilah is getting to be a real chubber! She's laughing lots and finds almost anything we do funny. She's eating more solids, but really isn't that much interested in them. Emmy didn't start eating a lot of food until the 7-8 month mark so I'm expecting Lilah to do the same.

She's really close to being able to sit up. Sometimes I can prop her up and she'll sit for up to a min before she slowly slumps over. Her nights are starting to regulate again and she's having longer sleeps and fewer feeds, but she still nurses usually twice between 9pm-6am and I'm not bothered by this and am happy to feed her during the night.

For a while there I was wondering if she was getting enough milk because we were going through a period of her latching on and pulling off and getting upset up to 10 times during a feed. I started to freak out and gave her a formula bottle and she sucked it down. To make a long story short I ended up pumping to help increase my supply, but I'd get more than enough during a pump so I know there was enough milk there for her. I think she was going through a growing spurt and she must have just wanted alot of milk and as fast as she could get it and now she's settled down and back into a calmer routine.

If I have learned anything in the past year and half it's that they will always keep you guessing and when you think you have them figured out they will change it up on you!!

Wearing the tutu I made for her!

Eating some Broccoli the Baby Led Weaning way!

Update: I wrote this a few days ago waiting to get there weight and heights to finish off the post and in that amount of time we have taken 1 step forward with Lilah and 4 steps back. She's back to crying lots and up 4-6 times a night. I have no idea what's going on and it's very upsetting because I don't like seeing my baby upset. She's offered tons of food and breast and formula so it's not a food issue. I've tried pain medicine for teething or misc pain, but I don't find any teething bumps in her gums nor does the pain meds seem to help and she also doesn't seem to me to be in pain. I still need to get out there blue books and post there check up's and weight. I'll have to do that in another post since it seems my time has been striped back to the bare minimum. Lilah has just woke up from a SHORT nap so I must end attend to her....

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