Tuesday, March 24, 2009

faeries everywhere

We had Emmy's first birthday party this past Sunday at Whistler Winery. We'd like to say a big thank you to all the friends and family that came out to make it special! Especially to Grandpa Kingsley & Grandma Jan for their endless help and to Uncle Bob, Auntie Robin, Cousins Jess, Emil, & Emily for the much needed set up assistance!

It was a bit chilly in the morning but once the sun was out it warmed up nicely and the kids seemed to have lots of fun. The highlight was when they got to play in the bubbles Auntie Lia brought to share. You can see from the pictures what I thought was Emmy teething turned out to be a nasty cold. She and I were both in a daze of sinus congestion and medicine and I wish we could have enjoyed it a bit more, but she won't remember it and it gives me a story to tell her when she grows up.

I was impressed that she didn't cry during the happy birthday song, but she did try and hide when all the attention was turned on her. She managed to help open two presents before finally passing out for a nap, which she had resisted for a really long time, leaving me to open the rest. Her little friend Ashlee gave a big effort and ripped into them with me.

The yummy table!

The fairy cake I made for my little fairy princess!

Awww you can tell she doesn't feel well.

Disgruntle Fairy

Blowing out the candle with mom's help.

So many presents!!

aawwww Tinker Bell DVD ... I'm sure this will become a favorite!

Bethany running around in the bubbles.

Faeries looking into the great beyond!

Emmy, Mahalia, and Ashlee waiting for the bubbles to start.

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  1. oohhh, what a cute theme!! everything looked great!! :)