Friday, March 20, 2009

number Seven & Eight

Tooth # 7 & 8 have made there appearance at the same time for Miss Emmy. There is a new tooth on each side of her top front teeth. She didn't feel well during the night and was moaning a bit and I didn't know it was tooth related until 10 am this morning. She had an elevated body temperature of 100 F and drooling like a drunk. Both had broke the skin so she's probably been uncomfortable for the past 2 days or so. I feel like a jerk again, but I have to remind myself that if she's in pain she'd let me know. Mothers guilt I guess *sigh* The next in line to cut will be her first molars... those will be pretty big so I don't think I'll miss the beginning of them and I'll be able to pump her full of pain relief and supply her with endless ice sticks.

Here's a tip for all you mom's with baby's that are teething. I bought one of those ice cube trays that makes the ice into sticks so it can go down into water bottles. They are perfect for little hands to hold to and chew/suck when it's hot out or for sore gum's. Emmy thinks ice is candy or in her case more appropriately a drug haha and just loves when I give them to her.

I'm very excited and anxious for her party this Sunday! See you all there!

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